Our focus is on helping you realize your goals. Our wealth management techniques bring together the best of financial planning and investment management. We are well versed in handling the affairs of people who are interested in retirement planning as well as business owners.

Our background in accounting and taxation is very useful in optimizing the tax efficiency of your portfolio. These strategies ensure that you keep as much as is possible of your investment revenues.

Investment Management

We focus investment allocation strategies that take into account current events and changing situations in the financial markets.  While we are not trying to time the markets, we are responsive to changes on the ground that we believe will benefit our customers.

Fixed Income

Many of our customers have asked us to build fixed-income portfolios for their RIF needs.  We are experienced in developing portfolios that are low risk while providing steady revenue streams.

Equity Investments

For customers who are focused on long term gains with a higher risk tolerance we can build equity-heavy portfolios that maximize returns.  We have substantial exposure to a broad base of equity assets and use that knowledge to give you the best investment advice available.  We have access to institutional class funds which have lower fees than traditional funds which allows us to pass additional savings on to our customers.

Other Investments

We are also able to provide exposure to exotic instruments such as commodities and arbitrage.  This added diversity can help to mitigate risk while providing additional avenues for growth potential.

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